Paving Way For Excellence Since 1994

Open Software Technology started in New Jersey, USA in the year 1994 as software consulting and Development Company catering to mainly large Wall Street Firms and Fortune 500 clients. It started its Indian operations in 1998.


Open Software Technology started in New Jersey, USA as Software Consulting and Development Company catering mainly to large Wall Street firms and Fortune 500 clients primarily in the domain of Business Intelligence and Analytics.

OST started its Indian operations in 1998 and they proved to be a major turning point. Within 2 years OST grew to emerge as one of the top players in BI globally with offices spread across North America, Europe, India and Australia. Besides BI, OST developed extensive expertise in developing solutions in Client Server and Internet technologies and developed their own unique models which ensured that not only they were able to provide the optimum solutions but also at one of the lowest TOCs in the industry. All this led to OST being acquired by Actuate Corporation at a global level in the year 2000 which led OST in India to work towards developing their own solutions