We prefer quality over quantity

Open Software Technology has a program of Quality Management that emphasizes continual improvement, teamwork and achievement of customer satisfaction.

management system

Quality in Open Software Technology focuses on the achievement of successful business outcomes, both for Open Software Technology and its customers. This is managed through implementation and maintenance of an effective and efficient set of business processes.

Open Software Technology believes the best investment in a project is made by getting under the skin of the customer and understanding his needs and pain points to ensure that the processes to evolve and finally deliver a good solution are effective and meet the overall objectives of the client in the most efficient manner.

OST understands that meeting needs is important however every project is useful when it can be implemented within certain time otherwise it may even lose its relevance. OST, while taking up a project, does an indepth analysis and understands the customer’s expected outcomes viz a viz the time frame he has in mind.

OST factors in issues like redundancy, latency, etc. to arrive at a time frame which it can execute and deliver. It is only when it is sure of being able to deliver a world class solution on committed time that it takes up the project.

OST is very acutely aware that India has been a favored destination as a global IT hub largely due to its cost arbitrage. However with spiraling costs of people and other resources, this advantage is fast eroding.

While OST is not in the game of being the lowest bidder, it has set its processes to ensure that the most optimal team is built for a project and there is minimal latency to ensure that the project is highly cost effective.